Here's how we can help!

Below is a summary of the supports we offer, costs associated with our office and some general industry information to be aware of when deciding what office you want to work with.

- 2% Realty mobile training program + ongoing training opportunities.
- Custom website and professional email address.
- Mobile customer management software and business planning/tracking tool.
- Local managing broker available 24/7.

Keep more of your hard earned dollars:
- Automatic lead generation.
- Low overhead and advertising costs.  
- 99% paperless operations.
- No required office time/floor hours.

Our office split.
- 85/15 split.  Keep 100% of your commission after your yearly commissions earned reaches $80,000.  No deal fees, ever.
Our office fees.
- $250/month.  Includes website mtc.
- Agents responsible for their own individual fees and supplies.  Eg. monthly KREB and membership fees, signage, additional liability insurance, etc.

General industry info:
There are a variety of fees and splits when being associated with a brokerage.  Below is a general description of some of the fees that brokerages charge. 
- Monthly fee.  Some offices charge a fixed monthly fee for being associated with the brokerage.
- Split.  Brokerages will often take a percentage of every dollar you make in commissions.  Ie. In  an 85/15 split the agent would keep 85% of all commissions earned.  The remainder goes to the brokerage.
- Deal fee.  Some brokerages will charge an additional fee for every deal you do or contract they review.

Some of the approximate costs to be aware of after being licensed. 
- $100 for a sign/post
- $100 for each lockbox
- $100 a year for business cards
- $200/year for additional liability insurance
- $200/year for Docusign
- $150/month for KREB/CREA fees
- $1250 paid every 2 years for re-licensing and errors and omissions insurance
(This list will be updated occasionally and does not include ALL fees you may incur as an agent)