Looking to Buy?

One of the most common questions we get asked is, how does 2% Realty work when you work with clients buying a home?  See below for the answer and a number of other common questions:


Why would I work with a 2% Real Estate Agent when buying a home?

  • We get a lot of calls from people wanting to sell their home because of our business model. This leads to more experience negotiating, knowing if a property is priced properly and an in depth knowledge of the market in every area we serve. All traits of a Real Estate Agent that you would want representing you in such a significant investment.

Can you show me any house in the area listed on REALTOR.ca (also known as MLS)?

  • Yes we can show you any home listed for sale on REALTOR.ca. We can also show you homes that are listed for sale privately. We've even knocked on a few doors for clients while trying to find the perfect home!

How do you get paid when working with buying clients?

  • The seller pays the commission. When a seller agrees to list their home with a Real Estate Agent they agree to pay a commission rate. We expect 50% of that commission. (It is common practice that commissions are split 50/50 between buying and selling Real Estate Agents and their brokerages)

Are your commissions discounted when you work with buying clients?

  • No :) When working with buying clients we expect the same commission that is offered to every other Real Estate Agent that brings a buyer to the property.

Are your commissions set when working with buying clients?

  • Our rates are not set. Commission rates vary greatly in the East Kootenay. If 1% is offered, we work for 1%. If 3% is offered, we work for 3%. If $5000 is offered, we work for $5000. We work for nothing less than whatever is being offered to every other Real Estate Agent.


If you have any further questions please call Trent Mason, Managing Broker, at any time to discuss! 250.946.6608